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The Life-Changing Impact of Dental Implant Surgery

In addition to the embarrassment and self-confidence issues that patients with few or no teeth face, having many missing and/or damaged teeth can lead to a range of serious oral health complications, including jawbone recession, gum disease, and more. Though removable dentures used to be the traditional corrective measure for missing teeth, fixed dental implants are now the “gold standard” for full mouth oral restoration. At Bellaire Modern Dental in Houston, TX, we have an elite team of award-winning oral surgeons with decades of experience in dental implant placement. In addition to improving oral health and limiting recession of the jawbone, dental implants offer a life-changing, transformative solution to missing teeth, not to mention a brilliant, perfect new smile!

Understanding the Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant Options at Bellaire Modern Dental

When it comes to finding the best solution to missing teeth, each patient’s situation is different. One patient may have experienced blunt force impact and require a single dental implant, while another patient may be in need of full implant supported dentures or a full arch of replacement teeth due to years of oral neglect and decay. At Bellaire Modern Dental, our elite oral surgeons have decades of experience placing surgical implants, and will be able to determine the best treatment protocol for you and your unique situation.

Dental implants consist of three main parts: the implant post (surgically placed below the gums into the jawbone), the abutment (fastened to the implant posts to support the restorations), and the restoration itself, which is the custom-fabricated replacement tooth. If you are deemed an eligible candidate for dental implant surgery in Houston, TX, the first step of the process is surgical placement of the titanium implant post(s). For full arch implants, a provisional set will function until the placement of the final restoration.

Three Easy Steps to Life-Changing Results

Step 1: Initial Consultation

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Each and every patient’s situation is unique, so it’s important for our team of oral surgeons to conduct a thorough consultation and oral examination, in order to design your unique treatment. Depending on a variety of factors (your overall oral health, jawbone density, etc.), advanced procedures such as bone grafting may be required prior to the surgical placement of your implant posts. At Bellaire Modern Dental, our team has decades of experience in dental implant surgery, and we will be able to provide you with the best and most efficient treatment protocol possible for your missing teeth. The day and time of your implant surgery will be set at this consultation, as well.

Step 2: Implant Placement

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Guided Dental Implant Surgery vs Free Hand

Any additional procedures discussed (such as bone grafting) will be performed prior to your dental implant surgery. On the day of your implant surgery, the implants will be secured into the jawbone, and you’ll receive a provisional set of replacement teeth, which will serve you throughout your healing period. Our fully functional provisionals will allow you to eat, brush and floss like normal while permanent fusion of the jawbone and implant takes place. Once completely healed, an abutment, which acts as a connecting piece between the implant and the restoration (replacement tooth) itself, will be attached to each implant post.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Restoration!

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The third and final step of the dental implant surgery process is the placement of the final restoration(s), which will provide decades (if not a lifetime!) of normal everyday use. Our team will also schedule several checkups and follow-up appointments, to ensure that sufficient healing has taken place and that your new set of replacement teeth are straight, secure and 100% functional.

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.
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We offer a complete range of dental sedation options, so your dental implant surgery will be a smooth, comfortable and nearly pain-free experience.

Our Elite Oral Surgery Team

When it comes to dental implants in Houston, TX, no team is more experienced or qualified than the award-winning oral surgeons at Bellaire Modern Dental. Most patients that have missing, severely damaged and/or decaying teeth are qualified candidates for dental implant surgery, and our team will be able to adequately identify if you are, as well as develop an effective and fully customized treatment protocol for your specific needs. We offer a complete range of dental sedation options, so your dental implant surgery will be a smooth, comfortable and nearly pain-free experience. The surgical process itself is typically completed in a single visit to our Houston office, though full healing will take place over the course of several months (typically four to eight months, depending on the general health of the patient).

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Why Is An In-House Dental Lab So Important?

Affordable Dental Implants in Houston, TX

Last but not least, our team makes it a priority to ensure that every patient has the best possible access to advanced, elite-level oral care. Missing teeth can result in a range of serious oral and systemic health complications, including increased risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease! As such, it is imperative to receive adequate corrective treatment as soon as possible, no matter your financial situation. The cost of dental implant surgery in Houston, TX can vary, but at Bellaire Modern Dental, we offer a range of affordable payment options to suit the financial situation of all our patients. If you have missing and/or damaged teeth, do not delay treatment! Call our office today and speak with our friendly team about an affordable payment option for world-class dental implant surgery.

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