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In order for dental implants to work efficiently and effectively, sufficient jawbone must be present in order for the implant post to adequately anchor in place. In instances where there is not enough healthy bone to accept an implant, many dentists turn patients away from potentially life-changing implant surgery. At Bellaire Modern Dental in Houston, TX, however, our team of oral surgeons specializes in zygomatic implant placement, which allows patients with poor oral health to receive the dental implants they need.

At Bellaire Modern Dental in Houston, TX, however, our team of oral surgeons specializes in zygomatic implant placement

Rather than drilling into the jaw (maxilla bone), which is susceptible to deterioration in patients with poor oral health, zygomatic implants are alternative options that are surgically placed into the cheekbones (zygoma). This is a complex surgery that not all dentists are able to execute, but the award-winning team members at Bellaire Modern Dental have the skills and technology necessary to deliver beautiful, perfect implants to patients with poor jawbone quality.

What Are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

For patients with severe bone loss, zygomatic dental implants are often one of the only options when it comes to performing life-changing implant surgery. Using elongated, custom fabricated posts, zygomatic implants can be surgically placed into the cheekbone, which typically has ample bone mass to permanently fuse with the titanium implants. Even for patients with severe jawbone loss, implants are a practical option at Bellaire Modern Dental in Houston, TX. No matter the state of your oral health, our expert oral surgeons can craft a brand-new set of teeth just for you! You’ll walk out the door with a perfect smile you never thought was possible.

Are You a Candidate for Zygomatic Implants?

If you are missing teeth, but have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants due to jawbone loss, you may be a candidate for zygomatic implants! With a personal consultation, the team of experienced oral surgeons at Bellaire Modern Dental will be able to adequately tell if zygomatic implants are a practical option for you. If you are missing a full arch of teeth, and you’re ready to take the very first steps toward full mouth oral reconstruction, call our expert team today. Our elite oral surgeons offer the best zygomatic dental implants in Houston, TX, and they have the means to custom fabricate a perfect brand-new set of teeth, no matter the state of your current oral health.

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