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Toothache? Don't Postpone the Oral Care You Need!

There are many different things that can lead to a painful toothache. Physical oral impact or trauma, tooth decay and/or gum infection can all produce similar symptoms, and can also leave a patient unable to eat and in a state of immense pain and discomfort. If your toothache doesn’t go away in a day or two, it is important to get in touch with an experienced dentist that will be able to accurately determine what is causing the pain. Below-the-gum complications can escalate quickly, and if left untreated for even a few days, can lead to serious health complications.

In some instances, tooth extractions are required in order to remove damaged root tissue that is causing and spreading inflammation, which could lead to oral and systemic disease. The experts at Bellaire Modern Dental in Houston, TX will always try to repair and preserve a patient’s natural tooth, but in the event that an extraction is required, there are none more qualified than our team of award-winning oral surgeons. With unparalleled levels of experience and training, our dentists are true specialists when it comes to tooth extractions right here in Houston, TX. Call our office today and take the first step toward fixing your toothache and getting back to your normal, pain-free self.

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We always strive to preserve a natural tooth, however, if untreatable the best way to relieve your toothache and preserve your health may be a tooth extraction.

A Fast and Effective Tooth Extraction Process

An infected tooth can cause such an immense level of pain that even the simple act of eating and drinking can become next to impossible. At Bellaire Modern Dental, our oral surgeons will be able to quickly determine the cause of your pain, and determine whether or not a tooth extraction is necessary. We highly recommend choosing a qualified oral surgeon at a private, personal practice rather than a general dentist at a corporate practice, as you will receive a much more personalized approach that will ultimately lead to a better end result and a safer, more pain-free experience overall. Our team offers advanced anesthesia options that will make your tooth extraction a breeze, and our post-extraction treatment and recovery process is unrivaled in the Houston, TX area. Our expert dental team also has the experience and advanced technology to fix your teeth on the same day of extraction, including options for dental implants, crowns and bridges.

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Are You in Pain? It's Time for a Change.

The most common reason for tooth extractions is advanced periodontitis (inflammation of the gums), which accounts for nearly 70% of lost teeth. Furthermore, over 25% of adults between the ages of 65 and 74 have lost all of their teeth and are in need of full mouth dental implants. To avoid becoming part of these statistics, take the best corrective measures available and get yourself back to a state of complete oral health and wellness. To do this, you need to see a qualified oral surgeon. Many patients are turned off by the cost of tooth extraction in Houston, TX, but at Bellaire Modern Dental, we offer a variety of payment and financing options, to make sure that you get the care you need, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t delay the treatment you need, or a painful tooth can quickly lead to much more serious health complications. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, call our office today and schedule a consultation.

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